D.R. Fuller is no stranger to the Book Pound. We're glad to have him back after his interview back in March. He's back to give us some NaNoWriMo inspiration, which many of us sorely need. Halfway through November, it's getting harder and harder to keep up with that word count quota. But you can do it! And even if you don't finish that novel by the end of November, you will have a workable draft that can be finished, say, in January. Right?


You have something to say.
You may be thinking that you would love to write a story or to be an author, but you don’t have anything to say that would be interesting. It may seem amazing, but every one of the seven billion people in the world is unique. Each one has had different life experiences, with their own unique way of thinking and evaluating it. If this life lived is never recorded and shared in some form, it is lost. You can share your experiences or imaginations through writing. By doing so, a part of you gets woven into the very fabric of humanity.

You can write.
Anyone who has gone to school has learned to read and write. How well you are able to use these skills will determine how well you convey your ideas. Today, there are many technical tools to assist writers, especially on the internet. From the proper way of spelling a word and its correct usage, to examples of different words that may express your ideas more elegantly, or describe your intent more accurately, the internet is full of resources.

Write, write, and write some more.
A young man, listening to an accomplished pianist play a mesmerizing tune, told the artist that he would like to play also. However, when he learned that it involved practicing at least six hours every day for years and years, he changed his mind. I have heard somewhere that a writer is someone that writes every day—a lot. If you have the desire to write, it is a skill like any other; the more you practice, the better it will become. Set time aside everyday to write, even if it is not your major writing project.

Someone will love your story.
Each of the seven billion minds in this world, is like a spark with its own color and brilliance, its own flavor. There is at least one good story inside you that needs to be told. And, there are those in the world that want to experience that good story, to live it, to taste it. As they do this, they will be changed, perhaps substantially. If you have the desire to share your story, and you are willing to pick up a pencil or use a keyboard, the tools are available for you to be successful.

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