Many thanks to Aidan McNally for joining us on the Book Pound today. Aidan is the author of Two Sons Too Many, a memoir.

What prompted you to write Two Sons Too Many? Do you look to any authors for inspiration? Did you have any favorite writing teachers?
My story is a memoir and so it has been life and life's lessons that prompted the writing of Two Sons Too Many. The excitement of life, the adventure that the world has offered me and the harsh realities that one must face. In the simplest of explanations, I needed to write it to read it back to myself to see or feel my own life happenings are actually real. This being said I never imagined to publish and invite the world to read, as how could anyone ever believe the story is real if I myself find it so hard to believe.

I draw inspiration from life, God or the world in general and have not thought to write to be anything other than life's personal challenge. When it must be written it must be written.

I have a very close friend who writes and is a teacher in the writing field who always has great words for me and the extra push to do it and "let it flow". Her passion for writing is something I have always admired and felt joy when hearing of her own published accomplishments.

What was the most surprising part of the writing/publishing process for you?
The most surprising, not an easy one.... I would have to say actually completing the book. Having it written, standing up from the desk and the sigh of, well not relief but accomplishment. To have the manuscript complete felt like the highest accomplishment ever achieved. All the blood the sweat and the tears finally in print brought about a huge high filled with energy. This has been an absolute new experience and has been quite surprising.

Has the publication of Two Sons Too Many changed anything in your life?
The changing in life has been to deal with and become normal with, anxiety. Why? This has been the strangest experience to know I have a dear friend or brother, my mother for instance to read the full complete life events on paper in a book. The nerves and anxiety all wrapped into one to await their response, to await a review or a comment. The changing of life has been awesome to feel such true and pure feelings of such. Has moulded me to learn of these feelings.

What's next for you as an author?
The bug is for sure a real thing, the infectiousness of writing is of course to do it all over again and continue with the fulfillment of writing more and more. Through responses to my first book, many a friend has said write more as they enjoyed book number 1. 

What advice would you give to people who are interest in writing memoir?
In my memoir there are many harsh truths that are hard to write, one fear was that I thought how can emotion really ring through on paper. How does one explain these deep feelings. I wrote and let it be in its natural and raw state. This is the TRUTH is what I kept telling myself and so it seems to have had an effect on those who have read my new book. I did not think to try and change anybody's life or affect them in anyway, although many have expressed their new view on life and their mind warp of change to their perspective on life.

My strongest advice, write True or truth for that matter and write for yourself first always. Readers are a secondary function of the writing process. Though highly important factor in the book world. The story is better for yourself as the number one audience. Truth will shock and grip your audience as no two people share the same experience. I have found that truth is the most shocking and gripping factor available to mankind.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell Book Pound readers?
As mentioned above without the readers there would be no further excitement in my book journey. I appreciate the living hell out of those who  enjoy a good read. So I say thank you to all. In relation to Two sons Too Many any I do of course recommend it as a "must read" for all as the memoir may just bring comfort or a whole new level to how anyone may just view the simplest things in life. A message may be keep on reading, every writer I am sure feels the same, you the reader are a valued treasure to those of us write. My gratitude to all who have taken interest in my book would be book number two itself as it goes deep and is quite vast.

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