If there's one genre in the publishing industry that we need more of it's clean romance. Since e-publishing boomed, it seems like there's more and more seedy, shady, hide-behind-your-pseudonym "romance." So thank goodness for authors like Danielle Thorne

Author Danielle Thorne has written historical romance, modern romance, and poetry, and next month she'll be releasing a new paranormal young adult novel. Many thanks to Danielle for sharing some of her insights with us at The Book Pound.

You've published both fiction and poetry. When it comes to writing, do you have a favorite genre? What do you like to read for fun?

I love writing contemporary romances the best. They are cozy and comfortable because I set them in the South where I live. Inspiration is easy to find and very real. When it comes to reading, I love all types of genres with sweet, romantic story lines, but I guess I have a dark side. I like spooky books, too. 

Next month you have a YA Paranormal novel being released. Can you tell us a little about Cheated?
Cheated is a paranormal featuring Athena Gray from the small town of Omega. Athena has a gift to help others cross over to the other side, or sometimes to hang onto life. In this novel, an angry spirit believes Athena stole her destiny, and she must turn to family and friends to save herself from the dark force that wants to destroy her.

Who is your favorite character that you've ever created? Why is he or she your favorite?
My favorite character is probably Athena Gray. She is tough on the outside, but insecure and anxiety driven on the inside. Her love of friends and family keeps her focused on the important things in life, and she doesn't run from hard or scary things. Athena has a courage I've always admired. 

How do you balance writing with the rest of your responsibilities?
Besides being an author and freelance writer, I also wear the hats of parent, homemaker, and college student. This takes organization up to a point, but it also requires flexibility to deal with the expectations of others and those ever changing priorities. I've found when I keep faith and family first, everything else falls into place.

Is marketing a clean romance novel difficult when so many romance novels contain explicit content?
Definitely. Clean fiction is a growing market, but because it doesn't necessarily fall into Inspirational or Christian genres, it's a bit of a stepchild at the moment. I believe once readers understand that a novel billed as clean doesn't mean it's childish or cozy, the market will blossom and those who desire good reads without any language or gratuitous sexuality will be thrilled to find new and talented authors. I'm blessed to rub shoulders with many.

Is there anything else you would like to say to Book Pound Readers?
First, my thanks to you for having me here. I'd love to tell Book Pound readers I'm happy to interact with visitors on my blog doing giveaways while having conversations about balancing life. For those who enjoy pirates and love the sea, my West Indies books such as the The Privateer, By Heart and Compass, Josette, and even Turtle Soup are great choices for clean reads with great adventure and romance. Paranormal buffs of all ages should check out Death Cheater, and my new upcoming novel, Cheated, will be available everywhere online and in all formats September 12.

Thank you!
Danielle Thorne
The Balanced Writer
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  1. Thanks for the great interview, Danielle!

  2. Thank you for having me. Best wishes to you and your readers at The Book Pound!

  3. Do you have any signings lined up for the release of Cheated?

  4. Not until October of 2014. Visitors can check my website at


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